-Loyalist rally at Ulster Hall

Belfast, 6th of December 2019: A traditional Lambeg drum plays its threatening tune in front of Ulster Hall, in central Belfast, at the opening of a gathering of hard-line Protestants against what they call “the Betrayal Act”, Boris Johnson’s proposed Brexit deal, just a few days before the elections. In face of widespread opposition to the return of a hard land border, British prime minister Boris Johnson has opted to leave Northern Ireland in a customs union with the EU and the rest of the island, in turn infuriating unionists and loyalists.

-Gli effetti dei pesticidi sulla salute

Intervento sugli effetti dei pesticidi sulla salute dell’oncologo Carmine Cerullo della LILT, la Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori, sezione provinciale di Lecce. 17 novembre 2018, Corigliano d’Otranto, Salento. Incontro pubblico a Masseria Sant’Angelo: “La cura dell’ulivo è la salute dell’uomo”.

-Taranto, protest against the steel factory

4th of May, 2019: Protest against the former ILVA steel factory in Taranto. The protest was organized by a group of young activists from the city, many of whom are living or studying somewhere else, together with a wide coalition of environmentalist and territorial groups from all across Italy.