-La vela al terzo

Nell’unica città al mondo senza auto, le barche sono il modo principale per spostarsi da un luogo all’altro. Fin dalle prime ore della mattina, la laguna di Venezia è attraversata da migliaia di barche di tutti i tipi: ci sono le famosissime gondole, le rumorose moto-tope da trasporto, gli eleganti vaporetti, i sandoli a remi, e le barche con la vela al terzo, un tipo di navigazione tipico dell’Adriatico settentrionale.

-The ghosts of the landscape (trailer)

Its olive trees ravaged by the Xylella pandemic and its fields parched by drought, Salento is literally a tinderbox. Small fires break out all the time, and where once you would have seen crowds of people working frantically to save their family’s trees, today you see absolutely nothing, as trunks that stood for centuries burn and crumble into ashes, and nobody cares.

-Italy’s nurses go on strike

(VERSIONE ITALIANA) Among the countless popular mobilizations that are taking place in Italy during this second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic, there is one nobody seems to care about, the struggle of nurses to obtain better working conditions.

-I will not close

A sign on a café in Venezia reads “I have always complied with the regulations and the decrees. I have always enforced social distancing, masks and hand-sanitizer. I will not close”.