-Le Bio a la Fac

For all those who consider food an important thing, and don’t want to eat out of plastic all the time, living in the city can be a contradiction. This is especially true for a vast city like Paris and for its numerous students, a category of people highly vulnerable to the food industry and its commercial priorities. In order to offer an alternative, groups of dedicated students have established collectives to buy organic produce together from farmers working the countryside around the French capital.

-Paris Contrebasses

The home of string instruments in Paris is Rue de Rome (Rome Street), where most of the French capital’s luthiers are based. Some sell Guarnieri violins for huge sums of money, some design experimental cellos and Bruno Brette makes and repairs double basses in his “Paris Contrebasses” workshop, at Rue de Rome 47.

-La Grange des Champs

Home to the Bonneau family, La Grange des Champs is an organic cheese farm near Lorris, a small French village some 100 km south of Paris. Among the plains of the Loiret department, the farm hosts about 45 cows and produces a variety of the finest French cheeses, striving to put into practice small-scale, organic and sustainable agriculture.