-Social distancing videos

More than ten months into the Coronavirus pandemic, social distancing is still a central element of our response to this natural event. But while last spring this fundamentally unnatural measure was mostly described as a form of “caring” for others in difficult times, the language has somewhat shifted over time, and is increasingly based on guilt and sometimes even on playing on the population’s worst instincts.

-I will not close

A sign on a café in Venezia reads “I have always complied with the regulations and the decrees. I have always enforced social distancing, masks and hand-sanitizer. I will not close”.

-Living, not surviving

A group of women from different working backgrounds offers several proposals for a “phase 2” of the Covid-19 emergency that also addresses social needs, and not only productive ones. We need a politics that goes beyond the management of emergencies, and tries to imagine a possible world. By Tristana Dini, Ilaria Durigon, Barbara Buoso and Sara Gandini.

-Covid-19: Emergenza agricoltura

Di Sara Manisera e János Chialá. Mohammed Ghani, 22 anni, non riesce a nascondere la sua preoccupazione. Da oltre due mesi, ha smesso di lavorare come bracciante nella raccolta di agrumi nella piana di Gioia Tauro e il suo ultimo stipendio, in nero, risale a fine febbraio.  “Ogni anno a fine stagione mi sposto a Saluzzo ma adesso come faccio?”, racconta in francese, “Non possiamo continuare a vivere in questa situazione, senza acqua, senza cibo, senza lavoro, senza niente”.