-Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change

LE CESINE NATURE RESERVE, ITALY: Fire, temperature and weather sensors are set up by the CMCC (Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change) to monitor and predict wildfires seen on September 22, 2021 in Le Cesine nature reserve, Italy. The recent and unprecedented wildfires around the Mediterranean Sea prompted leaders to sign a historic agreement to collectively tackle climate change. (Photo by Janos Chiala/Getty Images)

-Paduli, summer of 2021

The Paduli used to be a dense forest of oak trees, the Belvedere wood, which were cut down in the 19th century to make room for olive trees. Because of its fertile soil and abundance of water, over the years the Paduli became a sort of “farmed forest” that was supposed to be especially beautiful and magical.

-Cerano, summer of 2021

The Cerano coal power plant of Cerano, near Brindisi, releases into the sea billions tons of hot water every year, and is also responsible for about one third of Italy’s carbon dioxide emissions.