-Funeral of Migrants in Scicli

Scicli, Italy – 15th of October, 2013: Domenico Manzione, the Italian undersecretary at the Ministry of the Interior responsible for immigration law, at the funerals for 13 migrants who drowned on the night of the 30th of September in sight of the nearby Sicilian beach of Sampieri.

-Landing of Migrants in Siracusa

Siracusa, Italy – 12th of October, 2013: A group of 183 migrants land in the port of Siracusa, on the Southern Italian island of Sicily, after having been picked up 70 km from the Libyan coast.

-The Grape Harvest

In South Italy one understands the summer is coming to an end when people begin to talk about the “sugars”, referring to the sugar content of their grapes. When the “sugars” are right, it is time to embark on the yearly ritual of the grape harvest, which in Puglia means enlisting your friends and family for a few days of work and drinking on what might as well be the last hot days of the year.