-La Grange des Champs

Home to the Bonneau family, La Grange des Champs is an organic cheese farm near Lorris, a small French village some 100 km south of Paris. Among the plains of the Loiret department, the farm hosts about 45 cows and produces a variety of the finest French cheeses, striving to put into practice small-scale, organic and sustainable agriculture.
La Grange des Champs, run independently by the Bonneaus, is part of an AMAPP, a French system of associations dedicated to establishing local networks of consumers and producers with the common aim of defending what is known as agriculture paysanne, a more sustainable, organic and less commercial type of agriculture which respects both the needs of the producers and those of the environment or of the animals involved in the production.
By placing more responsibility for the distribution of the products on the consumers and bringing together different producers, the AMAPPs aim to create an alternative to the great chains which currently dominate the food industry and to allow farmers a greater degree of security in approaching the market, while at the same time creating a meeting ground and a common experience around one of our most basic needs, good food.












For more info about the AMAPP system, visit: www.reseau-amap.org