-7th of January, 2022

One day, another intelligent species will maybe roam the ravaged world left behind by homo sapiens. They will wonder how we lived, and how did we manage to fuck things up so badly.

I will take this item with me to my grave, to help future archeologists understand how once upon a time, humans wore cheap, Chinese-made, single-use pieces of god-knows-what on their faces to protect themselves by “up to 95%” from a virus that was far less dangerous than the poisonous air they already breathed, the poisonous water they already drank, and the poisonous food they already ate, while they poisoned their minds with cell phones, fear and drugs, and they poisoned the world around them with all sorts of poisons and garbage.

Garbage like this “mask”, trillions of which have been produced in nightmarish factories in China and then shipped all across the globe, only to be used a few times before being thrown away – without even knowing if they served any purpose at all, beyond feeding the vicious cycle of fear and “mandates” that has taken over our lives, and is depriving a generation of children of the chance to grow up in a world of human faces, a privilege we all enjoyed and which played an unimaginable role in the development of our brains.

Looking at this “mask”, they might get a glimpse of all this, and they will also learn about that strange time in which people believed that “health originates from technology!”, or that immune systems must be “boosted” with drugs, and “staying safe” meant ruining your life and those of the people around you.