-Epidemia 01: Gli ulivi di Puglia al tempo della Xylella

Il primo numero della rivista autoprodotta Epidemia: Gli ulivi di Puglia al tempo della Xylella. Il rapporto tra il batterio Xylella fastidiosa e le attività agricole degli esseri umani ha una lunga storia. Il nome stesso del batterio deriva dal fatto che vive e si riproduce nei “vasi xilematici” che trasportano la linfa delle piante, molte delle quali coltivate in agricoltura, occludendoli e impedendo il flusso di acqua e sostanze nutritive, portando talvolta al loro disseccamento e eventualmente alla loro morte.

-Boys of Carpino

With modern machinery, a well-kept olive grove and the right attitude, three people can go a long way today’s olive oil sector. Antonio, Pasquale and Domenico definitely have plenty of attitude, and on this day they harvested more than 6,000 kg of olives, filling an entire truck while still being very nice to some photographer who showed up out of nowhere and could not stop asking questions.

-Olive Harvest in the Infected Zone

Two brothers harvesting their olives in the countryside at the souther end of Salento, deep in the area affected by the “CoDiRO” outbreak, the disease commonly known as “Xylella” (after a plant bacteria that is one of its causes) that is affecting millions of olive trees and threatens to wipe out the area’s main production.

-The Olive Pickers

Picking olives with Vita, who has worked in the fields since she was 12, alongside several other jobs she does to feed her family and send her older daughter to university. At this time of the year she organizes teams to harvest olives all across the Valle d’Itria, drawing on her extensive contacts, most of whom are women in a similar situation.