-János Chialá

I was born in Rome, in the year 1984, and I grew up in a small village of Puglia, in southern Italy.

After studying History of the Middle East and Philosophy at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, I have been an intern at NOOR photo agency and worked at the pre-selection of the World Press Photo contest in Amsterdam.

Since 2009 I have been a freelance photographer and writer, working mostly around the Mediterranean and in Ukraine and India. I went to a lot of demonstrations, did quite a bit of commercial photography, and some of my photos and articles have been published in the media, although that was before the pandemic, and now everything is different. We’re all hunter-gatherers now, and farmers if we’re lucky.

I edit a magazine, make olive oil and movies at il fico rosso

currently I am in the lands of the former Kingdom of Two Sicilies

email: janos [at] postphotography [dot] eu