I was born in the year 1984, and I grew up in a small village of Puglia, in southern Italy.

After studying History of the Middle East and Philosophy at the School of Oriental and African Studies of London, I have been an intern at NOOR photo agency, I worked at the pre-selection of the World Press Photo contest in Amsterdam, and then served as assistant to some of my favourite photojournalists.

Since 2009 I have been a freelance photographer and journalist, wandering between Italy, Israel and Palestine, Ukraine and India, and some of my photos and articles have been published on the international media.

These days I grow vegetables and I document historical issues, contemporary agriculture and our relationships with the environment, with pathogens and with each other. I am currently producing my first documentary movie, about Xylella and the olive trees of my region, Puglia.

I also edit a magazine, make organic olive oil and movies at il fico rosso.

Currently I am in the lands of the former Kingdom of Two Sicilies.

email: janos [at] postphotography [dot] eu

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